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NDOW Letter – Donation Thank You December 2022

Sportsmen’s groups, developers, ranchers, private citizens and state and federal agencies have banded together to make a difference for wildlife in Nevada and California, especially mule deer. The Lassen-Washoe deer herd of California spends most of the harsh winter months in the Petersen Mountain range near Cold Springs, Nevada (15 miles north of Reno on US 395).

This deer herd has dwindled from its population high of 21,000 during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, to today’s meager population estimate of 3,000. The population drop directly coincides with habitat and thermal cover losses. Range fires, historical overgrazing of livestock, drought, urban encroachment and other factors have all contributed to the loss of habitat and to this valuable mule deer herd.

This habitat rehabilitation project will turn around the loss of habitat and will increase deer herd populations. Wildlife biologists from the Bureau of Land Management and Nevada Division of Wildlife are instrumental in the plan development with volunteers from the different organizations providing the money and manpower to make it happen.

This concerted effort will be an ongoing project for several years, with budget expectations of $100,000 per year. Habitat improvement plans will consist of seedling planting, aerial and mechanical seeding, fencing riparian areas, green striping, etc. We will remain flexible to take advantage of weather conditions, and seed, plants and equipment availability. Volunteers from the Mule Deer Foundation, Nevada Bighorns Unlimited, Woodland Village Homes, Inc., Cold Springs citizens, U. S. Bureau of Land Management and Nevada Division of Wildlife have already made a difference through efforts since 1998.

To volunteer for future habitat restoration dates and further information please contact Jerry Lowery of the Mule Deer Foundation at (775) 972-7496.