Contact #’s

EBMC: Management Company (primary contact is Amy Tupper):


  • Amy Tupper (Community Manager): Account & billing questions; Maintenance requests, questions, or concerns (irrigation, fences, misc common area damage, graffiti, etc); Fence board requests (4 per year per home); General HOA questions
  • Richard Layton (Compliance): Questions about compliance, violations, hearings (CC&Rs; Property Usage; Design Handbook; Landscape Manual); 
  • Linda Woosypiti (Architectural):  Design Committee / Architectural submissions

Please use this form to anonymously report things such as graffiti, vandalism, damage, or things that need to be repaired located on the HOA property. This form may also be used to submit any other suspicious behaviors or concerning trends within a certain area of Woodland Village, however, please note that this is not a substitution for filing a report with the proper authorities.

Alert Security Asset Protection (Utilize for non-emergency issues or concerns) (they are unable to check loose pets for chips do to liability concerns):

Washoe County Sheriff:

Washoe County Regional Animal Services: (Report loose pets – they can check for chips and return pets to their homes)

Woodland Village Board of Directors

(Do not use for HOA billing, Design Committee / Architectural Submissions, or other routine matters or questions; contact the community manager for those: Anything of this nature sent directly to the Board will not be acted upon).