Winterizing Tips

Dear Woodland Village homeowner,

The following items are particularly important maintenance and winterization guidelines that you should perform on your home. Please refer to your HBW 2-10 warranty manual for additional items and detailed information on homeowner maintenance. 

* Test smoke detectors and replace batteries as needed. We suggest changing the batteries twice a year.

* Routinely inspect your crawl space for leaks, standing water, or any other items that may be amiss. 

* All water should drain away from your foundation and to the street or other approved location. Eroding soils and/or improperly placed landscape materials in the drainage swale can compromise drainage. Even though we installed “French drains” around your home, standing water can seep into the ground and migrate under your foundation, which may cause settling and foundation damage, rotting of materials, or fungal growth. If you have blocked or altered your drainage you should immediately correct it. Blocked or altered drainage is not covered. 

* Operate the heating system. We recommend changing the filters every 2-3 months, or as needed, which may be sooner if there is open dirt around your home. The furnace should be serviced yearly. As you know, Woodland Village encounters extraordinarily intense winds that often carry substantial amounts of dust. This dust can enter your home through the “weep holes” manufactured into your windows. Our heating subcontractor, High Sierra Heating, is available to perform yearly services. They can be reached at (775) 626-8847. 

* Inspect your primary and emergency condensate line and the heat tape placed around your primary condensate line located in your attic at the furnace. The heat tape will have an orange light at the plug which indicates it is working. If it is not working, the condensate line could freeze in the winter and cause a leak through your ceiling. If a pipe freezes it is not covered under the warranty unless you have made us aware prior to a leak. Heat tape is a wearable item and needs to be replaced if it is not functioning. This is important; if you are unable to make these inspections, please ensure that they get done by a licensed professional.

* Adjust or replace weather-stripping on exterior doors as needed.

* Remove hoses from exterior faucets (hose bibs). Faucets can suffer a broken water line if the water in the hose freezes and expands in the pipe. Landscape sprinkler and drip systems should be drained and winterized per the manufacturer’s directions. Your warranty DOES NOT cover broken pipes or leaks due to freezing.

* Concrete maintenance is extremely important. Due to our extreme weather conditions, concrete needs regular maintenance and attention. In our climate it’s very easy to ruin the finish of your concrete (Just look at I-80 through the mountains), especially on the North facing houses where the sun does not melt snow or ice as quickly. Remove ice and snow from concrete as soon as possible. DO NOT use de-icing agents even if the manufacturer claims the product is concrete safe; instead, try sand or kitty litter. De-icers WILL cause damage, which is irreparable. If you have a concrete sidewalk in front of or on the side of your lot, please remember that you are responsible for removing snow in a timely manner. It is recommended that you apply a concrete sealer to all flat concrete surfaces twice a year. Please call us if you would like further explanation or maintenance suggestions.

* We highly recommend that you DO NOT pour concrete around utility boxes or valves. Leave at least 3’ of working space on all sides. Utility companies, and Lifestyle Homes, will not replace concrete that has to be removed due to work on utilities, regardless of the nature or cause of the failure.

* Keep gates latched and secure with the carabiners that were provided. Gates and posts broken due to negligence are not covered by your warranty. 

* For solid surface countertops, such as quartz and Granite, check the silicone seal at the bottom of the backsplash to the top of the counter and re-silicone as needed. Failure to maintain the seals may cause water to get trapped behind the countertop and cabinets. The result of this can be serious water damage.

* Check and tighten all plumbing fixtures, including supply and drain lines; seal around and under sinks as needed.

* During freezing periods ensure your heat is set no lower than 58 degrees. 

* Check the roof to make sure shingles have not blown off during high winds. We use roofing products that exceed the governing requirements of Washoe County. If you find missing shingles, please call us to schedule an inspection. 

* Re-seal gutter seams as needed. Metal products expand and contract continually throughout the year. We use substantial amounts of sealant at the joints, however it’s likely you will need to re-seal the joints every couple years.

* Re-familiarize yourself with the water shut off valves located at your faucets, supply line at the garage side of your home and the meter pit at the street.


Lifestyle Homes, Inc.