Board of Directors

The Woodland Village Association (W.V.A.) is your access to creating a better community through a legal governing body, elected by its members, the Homeowners. The Association Board meets quarterly  in the Association office at 18705 Village Center Drive, Suite 103. Elections are held every other year and whenever a position is vacated.

Currently, Woodland Village Homes, Inc. holds three of the five positions, which it is allowed according to the bylaws. As the development continues to grow, the three positions currently held by Woodland Village Homes, Inc. will be reduced to one, and eventually, when the development is completely “built out”, Woodland Village Homes, Inc. will hold no positions in the Association body.

  • Bob Corrado, President
  • Jenna O’Neil, Vice-President
  • Bob Lissner, Treasurer
  • Terry Rucker, Secretary
  • Robert Poirier, Member